By Michelle Le


Why so many what ifs?  What if the sky is not blue?  What if you are not who you think you are?  What if the person you want to be with is not the person you want to share your life with?  What if one day you wake up and realize that there is something missing in your life?  What if life is full of uncertainties and you cannot figure out which direction to take? 
What if / the end / is just / the end
And nothing / is nothing / not something / at all—
What would we / be / you and me?

Can the end be just the end?  Is there more to the end?  When a relationship ends, can it be the end or there is more to the end?  I think in life there is no such thing as the end.  The end would be “death” without any after thoughts.  As long as life still exists, there’s no such thing as the end.  People always wonder what if and what if? 

What if / the beginning / is just / the beginning
And there is no path / no journey / no where to go—
The only destination / is destiny itself?
Why the beginning can just be the beginning whereas the end can never end?  The beginning is the point of confusion, excitement, fantasy, trepidation, love, etc.  One gets lost in this state of mind and can never find himself/herself out.  One will float through life aimlessly without any direction awaiting fate to take its course.  

We can sit here and think of all kinds of possibilities for what ifs, but unless we do something about them, what ifs will always be what ifs with no solution.  To say what if as if saying that this is just a dream and we cannot achieve it.  What if implies weakness. It is as if we are afraid of taking on a challenge so we pose a question “what if” to stop us or hold us back from taking that first step in life. 

Why what if but not how?  How are you going to fore take the challenge to overcome the “what if” obstacle?  By asking a what if question, we have instantly set ourselves up for failure and prevent us from conquering the challenge ahead of us.  It is so easy to sit back and say what if than to get up and say how.  The How challenges our mind more than the “what if.”  As a human being, sometimes we can easily fall into such trap of what if?  This is the easiest way of solving problem.  We want to go forward but are afraid of what’s ahead of us.  What if allows us to dream of the impossible without even taking any action.  It takes efforts and energy to push oneself forward to get away from this mode and strive toward the uncertainty of life.

Instead of having so many what ifs, can we sum all of the what ifs into one what if question.  What if we never existed?  That question alone should be sufficient for us to realize that life is very precious to sit around and worry about what ifs. If we are not existed, then there would be no other what ifs???????


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